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The Doom Spire by kopfstoff The Night Watch by kopfstoff Imperator Furiosa by kopfstoff

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hope there's something for you too. :)
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"The Black Swordsman design i've submitted to Qwertee is now live for voting!"

 The Black Swordsman by kopfstoff

--->>>… <<<---

i know there are a lot of you guys who love this piece, i thought it might look cool on a shirt and since society6 did not convince me in terms of print quality on fabric,
but i know that qwertee does a good job, i edited it to be more fitting for a tee and uploaded it. i added the japanese kanji for "sacrifice"- the kanji was written analog
with a faber-castell "big brush" artist pen and then scanned and converted into halftones like the original painting for a easy to do, good looking print on cloth.

2 weeks time to let this thing be a reality on…

if you like it, please vote.
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hey there folks, been a while. i know i am not really the "social-media-keeping-people-up-to-date-kinda-guy",
but i figured i post a little something right now:

i did not show many artworks in the last months, since the concept art i did at work still isn't allowed to be
published (at the moment - hopefully i can post some of that after the release of our game, which will come
out on may 16th) and beeing a father also took a lot of my spare time left (mias is almost 6 months now and
doing great!). beside nerdy stuff like playing some videogames and watching some series/movies with my gf
there's not much to tell.

anyway: i did a little something in the last few days and it's so much fun that i think i am going to keep on doing so...
some shirt designs for
if people like the designs and enough votes come in, they will actually be produced and shipped. yay! would be great.
you can make that happen and support me with the two first ones if you follow the qwertee links below and press
that VOTE button:…

PUCK'S GYM by kopfstoff…

The Doom Spire by kopfstoff

that's it for the moment, stay healthy and safe (i got myself a torn ligament a few weeks ago, no fun at all),
till then

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Naughty Dog is my favorite Game-studio and The Last of Us my all-time favorite Game (seriously),
You all know that i love to do fan-art, and everytime ND opened a design/painting contest, i actually
found out about (missed the first big firefly fan-art contest, DAMN!), i took part in it.

Two contests until now, and i never won anything. my new daddy fan-art, the joel-sculpt didn't quite cut it... so to say.

the sculpt and a new "30th anniversary" artwork is in the race for the new 30th anniversary t-shirt design contest,
so if you like these two things, pretty please vote for me, since you can only win by high numbers and it's only
like ~two more days:

pleaaaze share, like and vote for me ->

"YOUR BIRTHDAY." (30th anniversary drawing)

link ->…


link ->…

making an account takes less then 1 minute and i really appreciate your help!
lets turn one of these into a official shirt-design, THANK YOU!

Rating Period: 08/12/2014 - 09/09/2014
Winners announcement: 09/23/2014

for a detail-shot and a wip history for the new one, check out my blog (
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where to begin...

i've ordered a stretched canvas with a painting i did on it as a gift and the quality was incredible. honestly!
now i wanted to spend some money there again and bought printed fabrics for the first time. the order arrived today and i am bound to say, that i am shocked.

after unpacking (Tri-Black v-neck and Brown t-shirt), there was a heavy smell of printed fabric for some time in the room and the shirts were stucked together (at the printed design), as if they did not have the time to dry correctly. while the fabric quality itself is really good (the shirt i mean), the prints are dull, the white layer and the colour layer are not alligned correctly at the edges of the design and the colour itself is already "detaching" as small dots if you look closer. the print is also a bit "sticky" if you go over it with your hand.

the t-shirt is the biggest problem, since all the details are drowning in some brown/grey mud, the file is completely fine, i double-checked it and there's no problem at all.

the print on the v-neck shirt has atleast a bit more power on it, but the whole rectangular design is shifted in one corner (it's not just the stretched fabric, even on the straight shirt it's distorted).

i am really sad to experience this, because i really enjoy the paper/canvas art print quality they have, like their concept, the website layout, philosophy and offers. it's such a shame that so many great artworks from so many great artists don't shine through the fabric products. i know printed fabrics won't have the detail and "in your face" colours like art prints on high quality paper or on canvas, but thats quite not enough.

i really hope that these guys can change the printing process for fabric products, especially dark ones (there's the biggest problem as it seems) in the future. until then:


here's what i got...

maybe white shirts/fabrics work better, maybe me and a lot of other people on the internetz just had bad luck, anyway:
i just pulled down all my shirt-designs and try to find a better provider for this. please don't get me wrong, the prints from society6 are fabulous according to my records, thats why i keep them up! but the shirts... "beyond suck" ;)

on the bright side:

i asked for a refund here, since i did some investigation and the internet is full of bad reviews of society6 fabric products - there are photos, videos and letters to back that up.
support answered me in about 5-10 minutes (seriously! that was FAST!) and already processed my refund! payment has been processed too... i don't have to send anything back, i can keep the shirts. at least really good service.

where do you sell your printed fabrics? are there good alternatives to society6?

i feel so sorry for all the people who've ordered (my) shirt-designs from society6, i hope that you're pleased with the result! i really do.

hope you all doing great, just wanted to post this real quick to warn you guys.
have a nice one,
  • Watching: that shi(r)t print quality.
at last! some of my artwork is on sale now at Society6! was actually easier than i thought.
here you can buy (framed) prints, cases and skins for your iphones and pods, search for shirts, hoodies and bags.
there's even a pillow to put that smile on! :D

a lot of people wanted prints for "hotline miami", "sword & sworcery", "the foundling" and "the joker"... there you go!
please have a look, i hope there's something for you too.

----------------------> <----------------------

i will put some more stuff that suits walls and t's up there in the next time, but feel free to tell me what else you want to see on that Society6-profile!
are there any other good print providers with similar benefits out there in the internetz? please tell me.

thank you and happy shopping! ;)
aawesome. it took me hours to built a nice skin for my first journal entry, just to realise that i am not allowed to have such eye candy. -.-
for much more art of mine, check ->

i will try to keep this account a bit up to date from now on, oh and please excuse my english. have a good one ;)