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Shelter 2 fan art: The Law by kopfstoff
Shelter 2 fan art: The Law
fan art for the game "Shelter 2" by "Might and Delight". this one was a real relief, really relaxing. working on that piece had a similar effect on me like playing the first Shelter - kind of. this one is called "the law" and by that i mean "the law of the jungle", "survival of the fittest". i LOVE Shelter (the prequel), it's art design, the concept and the music is just fantastic. can't wait to play that Lynx! :)

if you haven't played it already, i highly recommend the first game!

there are some WIPs and more info on my >blog.
Alien Isolation fan art: awaiting 2 by kopfstoff
Alien Isolation fan art: awaiting 2
i started this piece mid-october back in 2014, but after i was done illustrating the main idea of the piece (alien birth), i wasn't interested in doing another stroke, not to mention finishing it. today i was in the mood to give it another try and finally put an end to it. this one is called "awaiting 2", settled right before getting on the cursed spacestation named Sevastopol. it is still not really finished in my eyes, there are still parts i would like to change especially storytelling-wise, but since it was planed to deliver just one idea on a simple comic-page, it's okay the way it is now i guess. besides, sometimes i need to put older, unfinished stuff out first before i can start with new things. ANYWAY... i really enjoy the main idea/concept of the page and hope you like it too:

-> to be a witness of the birth of an alien (its cell devision/evolution), just by looking at the change of moving bubbles in a cup of black coffee. the cup is beeing put on the Sevastopol-flyer, amanda is looking at - right above the center of the station... the fact that amanda takes a big sip has also meaning to it of course, same goes for the chilly last line from amanda... (i guess you can tell, if you're familiar with the alien-franchise and the game "Alien: Isolation" ofc.).

for a brighter version (damn you DA!), WIPs and a detail shot please visit my >blog.
rarely aware by kopfstoff
rarely aware
the very clever game "OBEY", by Daniel Dez has such a unique concept that it instantly blew my mind... (imagine a combination of "1984", "Battle Royale" and "Powerpuff Girls"). i really hope, that it'll get the attention it deserves - i am afraid that it'll be not enough "CALL OF ASSASSINS CRY 23" to hit the masses - which is so ironical, since it's the first game i've ever seen which is that close to our very own authoritarian systems of power and influence, although it's still very early in development, its presented already in such an charming and innocent way, that i had to jump right in. all the best for the future, obey!

it's out on early access now and you can give it a try. INSTANT buy!


Press Kit


for a little bit brighter version, WIPs and some detail shots please visit my >blog.
Ripley: Attacks from Space (Ms Paint) by kopfstoff
Ripley: Attacks from Space (Ms Paint)
Alien (Isolation) fan art again, called "Ripley: Attacks from Space"... since i wasn't be able to be among the lucky winners of the "Official Community-pack", i thought it's a good sign that i actually found another contest where the participants have to draw art to win art.

price: "THE ART OF ALIEN: ISOLATION". i need that book! found out about the contest on the day of the deadline, so i had to rush the ripley painting, lost too much time with all that wet tubes and pipes... but the idea works (homage of the great giger with a twist). wish me luck.

done with the standard pen in ms-paint. hope you like.

for a little bit brighter version and WIPs please visit my >blog.

//EDIT: I DID IT, just got a mail from one of the organisers, that Art Book is coming home! :D
Naughty Dog is my favorite Game-studio and The Last of Us my all-time favorite Game (seriously),
You all know that i love to do fan-art, and everytime ND opened a design/painting contest, i actually
found out about (missed the first big firefly fan-art contest, DAMN!), i took part in it.

Two contests until now, and i never won anything. my new daddy fan-art, the joel-sculpt didn't quite cut it... so to say.

the sculpt and a new "30th anniversary" artwork is in the race for the new 30th anniversary t-shirt design contest,
so if you like these two things, pretty please vote for me, since you can only win by high numbers and it's only
like ~two more days:

pleaaaze share, like and vote for me ->

"YOUR BIRTHDAY." (30th anniversary drawing)

link ->…


link ->…

making an account takes less then 1 minute and i really appreciate your help!
lets turn one of these into a official shirt-design, THANK YOU!

Rating Period: 08/12/2014 - 09/09/2014
Winners announcement: 09/23/2014

for a detail-shot and a wip history for the new one, check out my blog (
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thank you, man - really appreciate your comment! glad you like it! :)
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